Why Art in an Hour?

Spending just one hour drawing and making art will leave you composed and refreshed, in a grounded and connected way. You will feel your mind focus and become quiet. When you sit down to draw something, it feels as if time stands still.

It’s not about the lines on the page, and it’s not about watching time fly.
It’s about the way your eyes, brain and hand come into alignment, about how you are anchoring yourself in the present.

As you start to draw, voices from your childhood may be telling you you’ll never be able to draw.
But that noisy chatter soon disappears. Keep calm and focussed and keep on drawing.

Art in an Hour leaves you mentally re-balanced and tuned up ready for the rest of your day.

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What is Art in an Hour?

Have you ever wondered how our brains would look if we could see them?
Would they be finely balanced and highly tuned?
Or might they be in need of some loving attention?
Whether at work or at play Art in an Hour can do this.

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1 Hour!
  • A creative mindfulness strategy to reduce stress.
  • Re-balances the mind, especially in a screen dominated environment.
  • Strengthens staff engagement.
  • Conferences - to warm up your day and reinvigorate delegates.
  • Workshops - a circuit breaker or to aid planning and reflection.
  • ‘Champagne Art’ to celebrate achievement and as a staff reward.
  • ‘Art in your lunch hour’ to build camaraderie and cohesion.
  • Experience: No artistic talent required. Art lovers welcome!
  • Max Size: 30
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1 Hour-ish!
  • In truth it may be more than an hour. Let’s see what’s possible.
  • Up to 20 people per class, depending upon setting.
  • Get community buy-in
  • At your place: you provide the refreshments, we provide all materials and manage the event.
  • At my place: small and intimate art in the garden.
  • Life drawing classes. Models provided.
  • ‘Art before breakfast’, instead of dinner (yes!) or 'Champagne Art’ in the twilight.
  • Art in the park… anywhere really. Let’s talk.
  • Experience: No artistic talent required. Art lovers welcome!
  • Max Size: 20
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Partnerships and Engagement
1 Hour-ish!
  • Partnerships with other organisations, big or small.
  • Raise funds for your school, club or cause. Hold an art party and reap the rewards.
  • Make beautiful art to exhibit or maybe sell.
  • ‘Champagne Art’ - to celebrate achievement and as a reward.
  • Check out monthly ’Drawing Fabulous Flowers’ at Vasili’s Garden Centre. Art for more than an hour then lunch. Delicious! www.vasilisgarden.com
  • Experience: No artistic talent required. Art lovers welcome!
  • Max Size: 20
What are the Benefits?

Turn off Auto Pilot

Feel your stress and fear slip away. Get off auto pilot and notice the tiny details.

Tune up and revitalise

Art in an Hour tunes you up. It’s like getting your car wheels rebalanced. For people who live and work in predominantly ‘left brained’ activities or environments.

Reward your staff

Imagine offering this to your staff in their lunch time, so they go back to work saying “That was fun. I love working here!”


Find your balance

It’s all about balance and harmony. We don’t need to know a thing about art to choose wellbeing.

Walk on the Wild Side

Where there is no such thing as ‘getting it right’ you are completely free to bring some colour to the party, take a line for a walk, see things from a different perspective.

Shout it out!

Get your creative on, the rewards will be clear. Pride in achievement shouts itself an ice cream!

What people say.
Jenny Macaffer
Community member

I bought my first ever easel and pastels the other day after being inspired by Art in an Hour! Art and nature in a creative and supportive environment with friendly people - doing fun and colourful things - finishing with lunch and a pop up exhibition - what better way to spend a Sunday morning!

Staff Member
Staff member-DCA

Who knew I could do that? I didn’t. I wonder what else I can do?

Nicole Feder
General Manager HR Database Consultants Australia-DCA

That was great Thea. Truly great!

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